We Rock Hosting LLC is looking to be a leader in the web hosting industry. In a market that is flooded with everyone telling you they are the best hosting provider its hard to stand out. We want to be the company that sets the standards.

Are you looking to get out of the industry? Do you want to make sure your clients get a great home? Well look no further than We Rock Hosting LLC. We have what it takes to make sure your clients stay happy. We will work with you to ensure a smooth transition for you and more importantly your clients.

The sale of any hosting company is going to make your clients a little uneasy as there are allot of unknowns. We want this process to be painless and easy for your clients.

Why sell to us? Your clients are used to a way of hosting and we want to keep it as close to that as possible, meaning pricing, space, and everything. When we take over a company we are usually able to keep the clients at the same price they are used to paying, or maybe able to save them money depending.

You want to make sure your clients get a great home and we want your clients to feel like they have a great home.

When we buy a company our goal is to transfer everyone to our servers that way we know what they are on and it helps us make sure they are on a server that we are aware of and know, however this can depend on the company. Sometimes because of brand or other issues we cannot do this in which case we may just leave the company as it is and just take ownership of it. We are ok with doing both styles of purchase.

We can guarantee you the following.

  • Your clients will be taken care of. We strive for 110% customer satisfaction
  • 9/10 times we can keep your clients price the same.
  • Uptime is of great importance to us. We understand websites need to be up
  • We do not overload our servers. We want quality webhosting and our clients sites to function properly.
  • We will do everything in our power to make the switch as easy for your clients and you as possible. We want this to be as hassle free as possible for you and your clients.

If you are ready to make the move them please contact us and we will get the process started. The ticket being opened does ask questions. We Rock Hosting LLC agrees to not disclose any information provided in the ticket to any 3rd party and to only provide the information to those who are on a need to know baises to make the sale happen. The only people that have access to the ticket are those who need to know.

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