3rd part script support

We Rock Hosting LLC offers free 3rd party script support. If your script is giving you errors we will try and help you resolve it. There is no guarantee that we will be able to resolve the issue but we will do our best. You agree to the following.

We Rock Hosting LLC is not liable for any damage caused to the script by us attempting to resolve the issue. We will look into it and if we believe we can resolve it we will, if we believe we cannot then we will let you know and you will need to contact the script provider. We Rock Hosting will not do any coding or programming to fix a script. We Rock Hosting LLC makes every attempt to resolve issues as quickly as possible, but you agree that fixing the script may take some time depending on the issue at hand. You are granting We Rock Hosting LLC permission to access your accounts and look at error logs and other tools to attempt to figure out what maybe causing the issue.

By submitting a support request you agree to this, but we may also ask you to confirm them in the ticket before we proceed with the fix. If you would like to speed the ticket process up you can state in your ticket you have read and agree to these terms.

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