Price guarantee / Bandwidth and Space

We here at We Rock Hosting LLC are always looking for ways to be innovative and different, and with this guarantee we believe we are doing just that.

If at any time while you are a customer, we lower the price of the plan that you are on that is your new price. For example, if you’re on a plan that is $10.99, and we lower that plan to $8.99 you will be changed to that price automatically you don’t even have to contact us. We will let you know by email if we have lowered your plan.

But if for any reason we increase the price you do not pay a penny more. You are grandfathered into that price. Using the same example, if your plan is $10.99 and we raise the price to $11.99 you still pay $10.99.

Also, we increase the amount of disk space a plan has you will get that increase automatically or if we increase bandwidth. But we will never take away either of those if we lower it.

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