About the free SSL certificate by cPanel

We Rock Hosting LLC is able to offer our new Shared web hosting and Business web hosting clients an SSL provided by cPanel with any newly purchased Hosting account. As soon as you sign up for a new account, you will receive an SSL Certificate automatically within 24 hours. This is a fantastic feature and we are proud to offer this feature on any new shared hosting and business web hosting packages. 

AutoSSL Pros
Automatic installation of an SSL certificate for your domain name
FREE SSL protects your websites
Domain Validated SSL certificate
Automatic reinstallation of a new SSL at time of expiration
Green Lock in Firefox, Google Chrome and Chromium
Can secure a maxiumum of 200 domains per certificate
Includes www. and mail.
AutoSSL replaces certificates with overly-weak security settings (for example, an RSA modulus of 512-bit or less)

AutoSSL Cons
Safari and Microsoft Edge show a grey lock
Only includes domains and subdomains that pass a Domain Control Validation (DCV) test
Does not secure wildcard domains
AutoSSL does not attempt to replace preexisting certificates that it did not issue. This behavior ensures that AutoSSL-provided certificates do not unexpectedly replace Extended Validation (EV) and Organizational Validation (OV) certificates from a certificate authority (CA) with AutoSSL-provided certificates.

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