Server Clusters

We Rock Hosting can help you with your server clustering needs. What is a server cluster? It is a group of servers all working towards the same goal.

In a normal dedicated server your server is handling lots of things at once from, DNS, databases, the web site, and other processes in the background. A cluster of servers helps take the load of a server once your site becomes to big for one server. This can be taking the database off the server and making it on its own server, or having two servers running the site with a 3rd server running the database and a load balancer helping with the traffic.

In other words A cluster gives a client the ability to allocate resources to their application or website as necessary. This flexibility allows greater ease of resource allocation and more control over how those resources are used.

It also allows for easier horizontal scaling. If a burst of traffic is anticipated, for example, it’s relatively easy to add a new server to the web front-end when the cluster topology is already in place, as opposed to starting the restructuring from scratch.

With options starting at just $850/month let us know when you are ready to move forward. Just open up a ticket and we will get back with you. There is not job to big or to small.

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