Covid19 Statement

We here at We Rock Hosting would first like to say we hope everyone stays safe during these trying times. For those fighting covid19 we hope that you make a quick recovery, and for those who have passed because of it, our condolences go out to the families and friends.

At We Rock Hosting LLC, we take everyone’s health seriously, and are doing everything we can to help stop or slow the spread of covid19. We will remain open during this time and will be here to assist you.

Nothing changes with our support to you, the only changes that are being made are internal to help everyone out.

We understand times are hard, and some businesses are not making as much money as they once were. We will not be suspending anyone’s services for the foreseeable future. Your account will still be charged we just will not suspend services or apply any late fees. We ask that if you can pay for your hosting that you continue to do so, but we understand times are tuff and you’re having to make cuts. After this is over, we will work with you if your account is behind to get you caught back up. We would rather work with you than lose you as a customer. Your business is valuable to us and when we say your part of our family, we mean that.

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